Podcast: A Fresh Perspective in Creativity and How Sex is Taboo

I recently got to talk with Direct Sales expert Vicki Fitch on her “Fresh Perspectives” Facebook Live podcast about creativity, the importance of laughter and why sex is such a taboo topic to talk about – especially for people of deep faith.

Like anytime I get to talk about my two favorite subjects, lots of laughs, a few awkward moments and drive by guests happen. This time it was my cohort-in-wine and co-host of our pilot show “Getting Tasted”, Mia Voss, who showed up to show off my “grand-dragon” Morticia (the former Bearded Dragon of my daughter, Emerson, who Mia smuggled onto a plane back to Denver in a chihuahua dog carrier.)

Watch along and laugh at the shenanigans, and check out Vicki Fitch’s page for more great conversations with some pretty amazing people!


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