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Thank you for all your support spreading the word about my book!

I feel like now, more than ever, the world needs messages of goodness, laughter, and positivity, and I hope this book plays a part in reminding us that we’re all in this life thing together. More creativity! More sex!

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Here are some quotes and chapter headings from the book, feel free to get creative with them! ;)-

Reason #1 It’s harder than it looks

  • Every single person in this world possesses imagination and curiosity… Which makes every human creative in their own way.
  • I don’t care if you work at Home Depot, or you’re an accountant, or you stay at home and take care of your kids. You are finding little ways every day to be creative, because the definition of creativity is taking things that haven’t been together before and combining them to make something new.

Reason #2 Sometimes you need stimulation

  • “Flow” is that magical place where the weight and worries of the world melt away and, for a brief time, the laws of the Universe are suspended.

Reason #3 Turn yourself upside down

  • When it comes to artistry, or even problem solving, breaking down a larger challenge into smaller chunks is a great example of making small strides that can benefit the greater outcome.

Reason #4 You can do it solo, but it’s better with others

  • Face to face collaboration can shut down creativity, because people get nervous and scared about how others will perceive them.
  • When we work alone, it’s refreshing to have the space to explore our own minds, perhaps connecting new thoughts from within that can spark something exciting”.

Reason #5 Relinquish control

  • When it comes to creativity, letting go of ownership of how a campaign plays out is a secret solution for success and community participation.
  • Applying the rule of Improv is a great and reliable way to include your community in helping to shape the narrative of a campaign, while building interest, engagement and shareability.

Reason #6 The more you have, the better you feel

  • The more ideas that are thrown onto the table, the easier it is to choose the really, really good ones from the completely terrible ones.
  • The trick, it seems, is to not let our active thinking get too much in the way and allow for the rumination of ideas to connect with others in a non-linear way.

Reason #7 I might go down

  • Fear does not equal failure. Everyone has fear. The trick is turning your fear into courage, which is just being afraid and doing it anyway.

Reason #8 It’s not the length, it’s the girth

  • Brevity is the soul of wit.

Reason #9 It’s about how it makes you feel, not who’s doing the feeling

  • To create equality, be the mentors, celebrate the work, put equality into practice and collectively feel the spoils of how this change feels, when ideas come together in unexpected ways that make us feel something. Just like sex, it takes two genders to give something life.

Reason #10 Sometimes, it’s faked

  • I think most geniuses border on crazy – but not because they’re mentally ill. Because they have the courage to be unconventional and stand up for what they wholeheartedly believe in, need to say, or to do. To people like that, NOT doing what they see in their heads is the torturous part.

  • I don’t buy that people are either right- or left-brained. I am convinced that our brains are so complex, receiving signals from visual, environmental, audible, historical and cognitive inputs that those synapses are rapid firing all over the damn place.

Reason #11 Touch them inside

  • If you want your story to be remembered, people have to feel touched on the inside to feel a connection at all.
  • Is it possible that what we call “love”, is really just describing how you feel when you’re with someone?

Reason #12 Do it with more partners

  • One can buy loyalty, companionship, attention, perhaps even compassion, but love itself cannot be bought.
  • Creativity is a force of nature, only observed in its affect on others as it’s happening.

  • If you’re not experiencing creativity of its own will and in its own timing, someone else is, and that can be inspirational too.

Reason #13 A quickie is nice, but not every time

  • Allowing the room for an idea to silently incubate can return some seriously magical results.
  • Why shouldn’t we be able to automatically spit out great ideas like little brainiac factories?? It’s because coming up with great ideas takes practice, perspective, and persistence.

  • We’re all bound together by our curiosity, wanderlust and desire to connect to our space, our environment, and to each other.

Reason #14 Fantasizing makes it glorious

  • Daydreaming allows your curious mind to explore your conscious mind in an unstructured way. It allows the space for you to explore various possibilities, and connect ideas that might not have been connected before, had you not given them time and space to connect.
  • By opening up our minds to the fantastic, we are creating the societal guardrails that are necessary to figure out our own place in this world.

Reason #15 Get behind someone

  • If you want to get what you want, act like you own the place. It takes guts, focus, and moxie to conquer the hard stuff in life.
  • If you try to evade what your heart wants, the deeper a hole it bores into your psyche, and it will not be ignored.
  • Everyone struggles with identity at some point in their lives, and it happens as a course correction to get us back on our path to become who we’re supposed to be, so we can contribute the very best of us to our time on Earth.
  • Seriously, it takes 2 seconds to tell someone “you’re doing a great job!!!!” people! This acknowledgement can be just the remedy to keep them moving toward their purpose.

Reason #16 Go deeper

  • Feedback helps you get out of your own head. It makes your work better – even if you don’t agree with it.
  • You  should never jump to conclusions until you have enough perspective to realize what you’re really looking at.

Reason #17 Embrace TITS: Think it Through, Seriously

  • When we don’t think things through, seriously, we are unable to consider potential roadblocks that could have been prevented that yes, deliver us valuable learning and insight, but can also be costly and time consuming.
  • We’re all human, and mistakes will happen, so if things don’t turn out how you thought they would, just reset, learn and start over.
  • Creativity takes inspiration. Process takes dedication.

Reason #18 Do it every day

  • You really do have to force yourself out of your routines and move them into the habitually ritualistic category on purpose. When you can do this, something magical happens.
  • People putting themselves in situations where they can express their best selves through doing what they love IS their creativity “outletting” itself. But also making the time and space to quiet your mind – this is your creative inlet. I believe you can’t have one without the other.

Reason #19 It came. Now what?

  • When you’re doing things you love and enjoy, you feel happier, others feel it too, and this energy and excitement is contagious.

Reason #20 Love in. Love out

  • Whatever you’re doing in your life, people feel the amount of energy and love that you put into it. They feel it back, and it has a direct effect on how much they engage,

    share, react, respond, and remember, everything that you’re doing.

  • When your energy, or thoughts, focus on what you want, and your actions align with these thoughts, you raise your vibration to attract “like” things that vibrate at the same energetic frequency.

Reason #21 Yes, don’t stop

  • Creativity is our most unique human way of connecting with each other.
  • Enjoy the moment and the power of the space you create.
  • Laugh, and work at making others laugh.
  • Commit to a lifetime of creativity, and a lifetime of great sex.

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