Creativity: The secret to better leadership

This is a repost of my original article on Forbes as part of the Forbes Agency Council. To read the full article, please click on the link below the excerpt. I've noticed that many leaders seem to struggle with creativity; instead, they opt for clear-cut and rational decision making. However, effective leadership can require inspiration,... Continue Reading →

It’s time to turn yourself upside down

Boy, does this come at exactly the right time. As my last post of the year, it’s apropos that turning yourself upside down is about gaining the perspective you need to see things in a necessary and different way. I recently got a strong dose of this while visiting our dear friend Hendre Coetzee (pronounced... Continue Reading →

When it comes to Creativity, sometimes you need stimulation

Anyone who has been challenged with a problem to solve and a looming deadline understands that sometimes, to really tap into your most creative self, you need a little stimulation.

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