I am an observer of life. Curious about much. And lover of a great “That’s what she said” joke. #twss

My purpose is to bring playful wisdom into the world and create beauty and order from chaos. I am the eccentric muse who activates your sparkle.

Things I do for fun:

Author, Be Your Creative SEXY Self: Humorous Stories to Help You Live a Happier Life

Come along with me on a journey of discovery about the meaning of creativity, myths and why it’s so damn sexy. My book is full of wisdom alongside things that make us laugh and care about others on a deeper level.

Write screenplays

I love telling stories in this format. The characters come alive through their dialogue and it’s like I’m voyeuring into their worlds but can hear their thoughts. And good news! No one really gets hurt when the people only exist in your head 🙂

Forbes contributor

Things I do to make a difference:

As a Marketing and Creative Consultant, I most recently served as the Global Head of Marketing for the Co-Active Training Institute, a leadership development company that is changing the way we show up as conscious leaders in the world. The Co-Active work they teach is nothing short of transformational. #loveit

Co-founder, Executive Creative Director, Purematter

Purematter is a creative and leadership consultancy co-founded by me and my business and life partner, Bryan Kramer. You might know Bryan as the “#H2H human-to-human” guy, he wrote a few best-selling books, gave a TED Talk and has a few hundred thousand followers across social media #nobigdeal

Co-founder, H2H Companies

H2H (Human-to-Human) Companies offers executive performance coaching, workshops, consulting and speaking about humanizing your business.

Things I am known for:

  • One of the 3% of women Creative Directors in the U.S.  <– where are all the women?
  • Recipient of over 200 creative competition awards
  • Juror of over 30 creative competitions (unrelated to the above lol)
  • Having my work appear in the PRINT Advertising Annual
  • Top 200 Global Marketing Influencer and Top 20 “Agency Strategy” Global Influencer by Onalytica
  • Author of a pretty funny and wisdom-filled book
  • Lover of wine, tequila, movies and aliens
  • Dream about being a screenwriter about the above bullet
  • Being #1 on Google for #TWSS
  • Dog momma to Jessie, the plus-sized model. She has her own Insta here.

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