Creativity, wisdom and laughs by Courtney Smith Kramer

Saying you want more of something, but not be willing to talk about what “it” is, seems completely counter-intuitive. But time and again, that’s the case with sex. Why is talking about sex so hard?

Create. Creating. Creativity. What does it all mean, and why do we do it? In the first chapter of my new book “21 Reasons Why Creativity is Like Sex”, I theorized that because we are taught from the earliest of ages that “creating” something was nothing short of a sacred act, we spend our lives …

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I’ve been asked a lot since I launched my book, “What made you write a book about creativity and sex?” Well, the answer is, because not everyone believes they are creative. They think it’s something only “special” people have. But like sex, everyone can do it. Some are better at it. And when it’s done well, …

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