If you have a pulse, you certainly can.

I’ve been asked a lot since I launched my book, “What made you write a book about creativity?”

Well, the answer is, because not everyone believes they are creative.

They think it’s something only “special” people have. But, like being sexy, everyone can do it. Some are better at it. And when it’s done well, it’s AH-MAZING!

Sexiness is a great metaphor to help convince you that you, too, are a celebrated, creative beingheart with interesting solutions just queuing up to get out of your head – but only if you make the time to hear them shouting at you.

Framing creativity with sexiness also gets you outside your comfort zone. Because your brain experiences this non-routine conversation, it requires you to pay attention just a little closer, to lean into what’s being said, to make sure you are processing the information correctly. (Plus, talking – and laughing – about being sexy is just plain fun. Unleash your inner 12 year old and loosen up a bit, people).

And this will help you hear what I’m saying. That everyone is creative at something – the trick is finding out what. [Tweet this]  Creativity is how we humans solve challenges in a positive way. And if you have a beating heart, your natural curiosity and imagination still live inside of you.

It’s high time we wake it up. #TWSS

Click to grab your own copy of “Be Your Creative Sexy Self”.

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