[PODCAST] “Why Creativity is Like Sex” interview by Dr. Jason Richardson on “Gold Medal Mindset” #GMM

Listen to Dr. Jason Richardson, Ph.D Sports Psychologist, Pan Am Gold Medalist and Mental Coach to Extreme Sports champions explores with me what it takes to have a “Gold Medal Mindset”. We talk human-to-human, creativity, buzzwords, and of course… sex  🙂 Go listen to more awesome interviews with Dr. Jason here.

Is Discomfort the New Way Forward?

Isn't our expectation of companies today to predict the future? To invent what we don’t know we need, to know what we're thinking before we think it, to give us what we desire before we even want? When they do, we line up to buy. Last week, PureMatter (the company Bryan Kramer and I co-founded) and IBM partnered … Continue reading Is Discomfort the New Way Forward?

It May Be Time for you to Heart Tofurkey

Over this past summer, my husband and business partner, Bryan Kramer, and our social friend DJ Waldow ran a 90-day social campaign called #90DaystoEllen, in which we attempted to get the boys lunch with Ellen Degeneres strictly by using social media. (full site here if you want to follow along). Despite receiving over 72 million … Continue reading It May Be Time for you to Heart Tofurkey

Place it. Post it. Pay for it.

Sponsorship vs. advertising placement. What is more effective? I once heard David Verklin, former CEO of Carat USA speak and something he said really stuck with me. “Sponsorship shows respect to a viewer by not taking advantage of something that they involuntarily give up – their time and attention.” Wow. How true is it that?! … Continue reading Place it. Post it. Pay for it.