Generations X, Y and Boomers: There is Everything BUT a Gap

Today, you can’t swing a dead cat without hearing something about “Millennials.” Also known as Generation Y (born in the early 1980s), this has been a Generation largely heralded as being so different than Gen Xers (my generation) or Baby Boomers. But are they? I wonder if it’s the environment that’s changed so drastically, and... Continue Reading →

If a Social Media stunt was alone in a forest, would anyone hear it?

Remember the early days of social media? When done well, it can deepen existing relationships, forge new ones, and entertain and delight. But it has definitely turned on itself. A fun story from the past, when social media could still be fun instead of the toxic burn pit it is now. In 2013, Mashable reported... Continue Reading →

Brands for humanity: Those that give, get it.

I've always believed that when you give your fans a gift without expecting anything in return (a sale, a Like, a Tweet, etc) they become endeared to you forever. The psychology of a sale never happens instantly, so you just have to be an earworm until they're ready to buy. And to be an earworm... Continue Reading →

Better call branding

Brand every single touchpoint, regardless of how small.  So many marketers don’t do this well, but those who do place love into the most finite details of a campaign, proving the results can be magnanimous. What a wonderful opportunity we have as brand marketers to add joy to people’s lives at the most minute level... Continue Reading →

Message trumps metrics every time.

The moment the metrics become more important than the message, it spoils the gift to the user and becomes counter-productive. To this, I say AMEN. Metrics is a hot topic. Every client I have ever met without fail asks us “How do we measure the return on our investment?”  and expect us to retort with... Continue Reading →

Have you inspired someone today?

Inspire and influence the conversation. It sounds so simple, but in reality, is one of the hardest things to do in marketing. To inspire someone means that you have to reach out to their heart, and remind them of their purpose long enough so that they actually take action to do whatever you are trying... Continue Reading →

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