Message trumps metrics every time.

The moment the metrics become more important than the message, it spoils the gift to the user and becomes counter-productive.

To this, I say AMEN. Metrics is a hot topic. Every client I have ever met without fail asks us “How do we measure the return on our investment?”  and expect us to retort with a complex formula for click-throughs or eyeball counts. It’s like asking your fiancé at the altar how they will ensure that the marriage will work out successfully.

The truth is, good clients invest in a firm for its creative problem-solving abilities and understanding of its business goals. This is not a short-term partnership and to answer the question – did your company grow? Did your sales go up? Did you accomplish what you sought to do in the first place?

This is the only real measurement of success in marketing, period.

<end rant>

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2 thoughts on “Message trumps metrics every time.

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  1. This is so true. Of course, when you try to explain this truth to clients, they often seem to suspect that you’re making excuses for not knowing how to do SEO effectively. I always try to put it to them as simply as I can: once your SEO strategy works to lure a prospect to your site, what’s going to convince them to stick around and become a customer? Hint: It ain’t a big bowl of keyword salad.


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