Better call branding

Brand every single touchpoint, regardless of how small. 

So many marketers don’t do this well, but those who do place love into the most finite details of a campaign, proving the results can be magnanimous. What a wonderful opportunity we have as brand marketers to add joy to people’s lives at the most minute level in order to influence a decision or opinion. It takes effort – as most groundbreaking content marketing initiatives do.

A great example of deep detail-oriented marketing is the Breaking Bad offshoot website For those of you who watch the show, you recognize Saul Goodman as the cheesy, ambulance-chasing lawyer who represents Walter White through his drug-induced money-laundering predicament. What makes this site brilliant is its true-to-character depiction of what an actual attorney of this caliber (or lack thereof) would feel like. There are video “testimonials” from bit-part characters from the show, giving glowing reviews of Saul’s ability to hack them out of jail/get that annoying assault charge lessened/etc., taking the in-show characters and placing them in the real world to be consumed out of context. Since Breaking Bad ended its 6-season run, the spinoff series featuring Saul and the time leading up to his introduction to Walter White gives us another opportunity to love his character; he is deliciously despicable and hilarious to watch. This site is a fantastic way to give new audiences a chance to become acquainted with Saul Goodman without necessarily needing to have watched Breaking Bad at all. Love.

So why brand every touchpoint? It allows art to imitate life in the truest form, providing a bit of reality and a whole lot of entertainment.

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