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I had such a blast talking to “The Creative Life” podcast founder James Taylor! We talked about a lot of things (and that accent! #Britsrule), but pointedly about why we really do get our best ideas in the shower – I call it “Double D’s in the shower – and more, including:

  • The 3% Conference
  • Mistaking creativity with artistry
  • The Double D’s – Distraction and Dopamine <– wait for it!
  • Empathy Maps
  • Mindmaps
  • Wine culture
  • Tim Ferriss
  • The saboteur
  • Deep listening
  • 3 Ideas
  • “When expectations are in alignment, there is no conflict.”

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About James

In ‘The Creative Life’ podcast, James Taylor interviews leading creatives and innovators and has them reveal their creativity and innovation strategies and techniques to help you unlock your own creativity and live ‘The Creative Life’.

As a leading creativity coach James teaches and interviews creative leaders including Amanda Palmer, Chris Guillebeau, Tommy Emmanuel, Hugh MacLeod and Chris Ducker on subjects including; how creativity works, the creative process, what is creativity, how to generate ideas, creativity exercises, creativity research, creative block, creative personality types, theories of creativity, creative thinking, educational creativity, divergent thinking, organizational creativity, creative cultures, and innovation.

His work builds on other leading creativity experts including Julia Cameron, Sir Ken Robinson, Michael J Gelb, Eric Maisel, Scott Barry Kaufman, Twyla Tharp, Todd Henry, Jeff Goins, Richard Florida, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Steven Pressfield, Tina Seelig, Josh Linkner and many others. James Taylor shows us how we can all learn to be more creative.

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