A fresh perspective in creativity: Podcast replay

I recently got to talk with Direct Sales expert Vicki Fitch on her “Fresh Perspectives” Facebook Live podcast about creativity, the importance of laughter and why sex is such a taboo topic to talk about – especially for people of deep faith.

Like anytime I get to talk about my two favorite subjects, lots of laughs, a few awkward moments and drive by guests happen. This time it was my cohort-in-wine and co-host of our pilot show “Getting Tasted”, Mia Voss, who showed up to show off my “grand-dragon” Morticia (the former Bearded Dragon of my daughter, Emerson, who Mia smuggled onto a plane back to Denver in a chihuahua dog carrier.)

Watch along and laugh at the shenanigans, and check out Vicki Fitch’s page for more great conversations with some pretty amazing people!

Click to grab your own copy of “Be Your Creative Sexy Self”.

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