That time you discovered that you rank #1 on Google for something you really care about but weren’t trying to

#Longesttitleever. It’s St. Patrick’s Day today, so celebration and conversations about luck are in the air. But it’s rainy here, and unseasonably cold in Northern California, so my Saturday started with sleeping in and staying under the covers doing the ultimate time suck – scrolling social media. As I spent the hours on Twitter (growing... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Moms: You’re so much more than that

Moms – it’s time to chill. And I’m talking about me. Life is a constant stream of crazy, so it’s time to talk me off a ledge with this advice from me, that I need to hear NOW: Your kids will still excel and be smart and surprise you. Even if you don't volunteer at... Continue Reading →

It’s time to spit shine my sparkle

Years ago, I attended a Tony Robbins seminar where myself, along with a few thousand other people, witnessed him facilitate the mental transformation of a handful of lucky attendees. For each one, at a certain point in their guided realization, Tony would declare "Ladies and Gentleman… they're CONFUSED!" This has anchored with me since, as Tony... Continue Reading →

Random still reigns on the Internet

Being a marketer, and in the business of social media, I’m on the Internet as part of my career. As in, a lot. I am constantly fascinated at the things I see, and can react to either online or in real physical life. It also has raised my BS meter, because it turns out yes,... Continue Reading →

Where were you, Vanessa, when I needed you? A response to her article “23 things to do instead of getting engaged when you’re 23”

Travel Blogger and Huffington Post Contributor Vanessa Elizabeth posted a very honest (and well-written) perspective piece about the benefits of staying single into your 20s and 30s, and featured a list of the “23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged When You're 23”.  It seems all around her, single friends are dropping like flies. They... Continue Reading →

It may be time for you to heart Tofurkey

Years ago, my husband and business partner, Bryan Kramer, and our friend DJ Waldow ran a 90-day social campaign called #90DaystoEllen, in which, as a bet, we attempted to get the boys lunch with Ellen Degeneres strictly by using social media. Despite receiving over 72 million social impressions, raising over $1.5K for Feeding America, winning... Continue Reading →

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