An open letter to Moms: You’re so much more than that

Moms – it’s time to chill. And I’m talking about me. Life is a constant stream of crazy, so it’s time to talk me off a ledge with this advice from me, that I need to hear NOW:

  1. Your kids will still excel and be smart and surprise you. Even if you don’t volunteer at their school or even worse {*gasp!} still send them to public school. They came from you, and you are smart, so trust in that – from independence comes responsibility and more importantly, from learning, comes falling down and more learning. (and grades aren’t everything, remember… your 3.34 never impeded your ability to own a successful business.)
  2. Delete Facebook on your phone. It’s not a true representation of what everyone is doing, what’s going on, or how people are feeling. Context is everything.
  3. Drink wine. Don’t apologize for it or rationalize your consumption. Wine is a gift and it’s so sweet on the lips, it makes us happy and better.WB2001_EMERGENCY
  4. Your identity doesn’t depend on the fitness of your body. We all love you, and your kids are awesome. Your lover think you’re hot, no matter what, even if you have stretch marks. Be healthy for you and remember your brain is a muscle too, and it’s the center of your sexy place – work on that.
  5. Take time for yourselves. No kids, just husbands (or wives, or significant other, doesn’t matter, love is love). See the world. Gain a new perspective, as long as it’s outside our neighborhood. Be present with your honey, your kids will understand and watch and file it away for later.
  6. Understand. Everyone has shit they’re dealing with. Have compassion, you never know who might be there to pick you up when you need it.
  7. See the world through your kid’s eyes. They’re wide-eyed, curious, and haven’t been beaten down by the world yet. They have fun, make the best of things, and we can all learn from it.
  8. Love what you do. And do what you love, even if you’re not getting paid for it. I write screenplays in my spare time, but haven’t made a dime off my passion. Someday? Maybe. For now, I get to help my clients be awesome but I also have a secret love to tell fantastical stories that sell like hotcakes! The soul needs feeding, so feed it. Everyone’s creative, find what feeds you.

Please hear me – being human is our greatest gift. Let’s make our Modern mom lifestyle more real, connected, and something to be revered by the rest of the world.

Sent from my iPhone typing with one finger (yes, the irony is not lost on me.)

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