That time you discovered that you rank #1 on Google for something you really care about but weren’t trying to

#Longesttitleever. It’s St. Patrick’s Day today, so celebration and conversations about luck are in the air. But it’s rainy here, and unseasonably cold in Northern California, so my Saturday started with sleeping in and staying under the covers doing the ultimate time suck – scrolling social media.

As I spent the hours on Twitter (growing increasingly disgusted by the utter nonsense of our current administration) I flipped over to Facebook to check my messenger. There was a notification from a former company employee – something a bit out of the ordinary, given I haven’t seen him in years – so I clicked in to check it out.

UMMMMMMMM… WHAT?! HOLY CRAPBALLS! It was better than Christmas #TWSS I can’t believe this just happened #TWSS My life is changed FOREVER – AGAIN – #TWSS!! Literally every reaction I could make to ranking #1 on Google for my favorite hashtag IS AN ACTUAL THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

Everything became clear in this one moment.

I have been feeling foggy about where to go after my book release over a year ago. Because I am a professional marketer, I have struggled to connect with my audience. I suspect many people are hesitant about helping me promote my book because of the sexy part (I still don’t understand why people are so afraid to talk about sexiness). Then I got busy with the things that help me make a living, the whole time longing to flip the script and make money doing what I really love – having time to be curious, writing about it, and sparking conversations about things that make people laugh about the absurdity of it all. It took me a long time to get over the #fakenews that life has to be serious, and that no one will take you seriously unless you talk about serious things. And especially now, I feel like the world is calling for lightness and laughter to bring us together, because #Lort there is not enough tequila to get me through another round of that.

I hadn’t noticed that over the last year, the content I was pushing out across my social media channels was writing the story for me and I never even saw it until now.

So, here’s a screenshot of my Twitter handle ranking #1 on Google for my favorite hashtag #TWSS that I hope will live in infamy someday. What a great reminder to us all that if you ignore that voice in your head that is dreaming and wishing, and the constant signs from the energetic field that have been trying to get your attention to assure you it has your back and is cheering you along the way, both will slow knock at your door repeatedly until you finally hear them (and hopefully believe them.) So, never stop people. #TWSS

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