How language trends are reflecting societal changes

This is part 1 of a 3-part interview series with Liz McMillan, CEO of We sat down together at the Collision Conference in New Orleans to discuss the importance of language, meaning, and truth that words give to our human culture. Are people still as curious about meaning and language, even against a backdrop of ‘fake news’... Continue Reading →

It’s time to turn yourself upside down

Boy, does this come at exactly the right time. As my last post of the year, it’s apropos that turning yourself upside down is about gaining the perspective you need to see things in a necessary and different way. I recently got a strong dose of this while visiting our dear friend Hendre Coetzee (pronounced... Continue Reading →

When it comes to Creativity, sometimes you need stimulation

Anyone who has been challenged with a problem to solve and a looming deadline understands that sometimes, to really tap into your most creative self, you need a little stimulation.

Creativity: It’s harder than it looks

Create. Creating. Creativity. What does it all mean, and why do we do it? In the first chapter of my book “Be Your Creative Sexy Self”., I theorized that because we are taught from the earliest of ages that “creating” something was nothing short of a sacred act, we spend our lives in eternal pursuit... Continue Reading →

If you have a pulse, you certainly can.

I’ve been asked a lot since I launched my book, “What made you write a book about creativity?” Well, the answer is, because not everyone believes they are creative. They think it’s something only “special” people have. But, like being sexy, everyone can do it. Some are better at it. And when it’s done well,... Continue Reading →

Elvis, the book has left the building

The launch of the long-awaited (for me, anyway) “Be Your Creative Sexy Self”. book has happened, and I couldn’t be more excited. For anyone out there wondering what self-publishing a book looks like, let me paint a picture: You spend a few hundred hours researching, interviewing people, outlining, drafting, writing, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, editing,... Continue Reading →

What does it take to have a “Gold Medal Mindset”: Podcast replay with Dr. Jason Richardson

Listen to Dr. Jason Richardson, Ph.D Sports Psychologist, Pan Am Gold Medalist and Mental Coach to Extreme Sports champions explores with me what it takes to have a “Gold Medal Mindset”. We talk human-to-human, creativity, buzzwords, and of course… sex  🙂 Go listen to more awesome interviews with Dr. Jason here. Click to grab your... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Moms: You’re so much more than that

Moms – it’s time to chill. And I’m talking about me. Life is a constant stream of crazy, so it’s time to talk me off a ledge with this advice from me, that I need to hear NOW: Your kids will still excel and be smart and surprise you. Even if you don't volunteer at... Continue Reading →

Brands for humanity: Those that give, get it.

I've always believed that when you give your fans a gift without expecting anything in return (a sale, a Like, a Tweet, etc) they become endeared to you forever. The psychology of a sale never happens instantly, so you just have to be an earworm until they're ready to buy. And to be an earworm... Continue Reading →

It may be time for you to heart Tofurkey

Years ago, my husband and business partner, Bryan Kramer, and our friend DJ Waldow ran a 90-day social campaign called #90DaystoEllen, in which, as a bet, we attempted to get the boys lunch with Ellen Degeneres strictly by using social media. Despite receiving over 72 million social impressions, raising over $1.5K for Feeding America, winning... Continue Reading →

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