I got to be an Entrepreneur on Fire 🔥🔥🔥: Podcast replay

Thanks to an amazing referral from Erin Cell, CEO and owner of Denver-based Socially Powered, I got my turn in the hotseat as a guest on host John Lee Dumas’ (JLD to most) “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast to chat about my favorite subjects, creativity and sexiness.

EOF-FeaturedBadge-2015 This is a very big deal, people.

He’s the real deal. His podcast was named “Best on iTunes” and he’s interviewed so many people I admire, like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss – the list goes on. His rapid fire interviewing style is, well, a bit like being strapped into a wooden roller coaster – super fast, stomach-dropping, jostling my brain, and screaming on the inside with glee.

I noticed that my edited interview is only 18 minutes long, compared to the other podcast guest episodes, which run about 24-28 minutes long. Either I was super prepared, talked really fast, or just blew my wad before anyone else.

Regardless, it was 18 minutes of pure fun. Hope you learn one thing, laugh more than once, and remember to keep doing it everyday! #TWSS

Listen on John’s website (includes shownotes and timestamps).

Learn more about double D’s in the shower, ideation concepts, and a really great sushi joke in my book:  “Be Your Creative Sexy Self”.

Photo by Andy Watson on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “I got to be an Entrepreneur on Fire 🔥🔥🔥: Podcast replay

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  1. Hey Courtney!!!!

    I’ve been a podcast audience listener for over 2 years and I’m finally breaking into the “podcasting industry.” I listened to your interview with John Leed Dumas and I just want to simply reach out and say thank you. Thank you for filling up my artistic well, taking me out of depression and making me realize that “dreams are right in front of us and that we need to be proactive and not ‘re-active.”

    My plan was to be an actor, go to Hollywood, audition and get on a TV show. After recently graduating and listening to your interviews- you’ve really made a dent for what I’m really hard–wire to do. And that’s to help cultivate someones Information diet. By helping people choose what to consume (podcast, YouTube, social media) I want less people to feel alone with their mental illnesses.

    I also really love creating. So much that when I’m not I feel depressed. I would love to have you on the podcast as a guest and help other creatives deal with their mental challenges to get over this fence.

    With much love and thanks,
    Logan Tyler Nelson


    1. Hi Logan- Wow, did I drop the ball on replying to you! THANK You for the feedback, you seriously made my day. I would love to be on your podcast, will email you separately. Looking forward to connecting!


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